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 Phone Number (201) 887-2725.  
Are you looking for Vedic Pandit A Hindu Life-Cycle Celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of spiritual life. We are here to celebrate together, Vedic Purohit PanditJi here to help you select and incorporate a religious Puja ceremony Divine Pooja ritual into your spiritual life celebration event. Whatever the occasion. Your Life Events Ceremonies for every moment of Blissful life the truly important occasions like blessings a House, Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, All Vedic sacraments are known as samskaras, a collection of the most significant events in the lifecycle, Samskaras are meant for purification, sanctify one’s life and give a spiritual touch to the important events in his life, will help you create a personalised Life Cycle Puja ceremony,  please Select the religious service you want to perform, select the place, date and time and let us arrange the event for you! So if you Are Planning to perform a Puja Vidhi, it is time to contact us through email,
 Feel free to send an E-mail to PanditJi with complete details with address date time of ceremony or Event, if you need help to find an auspicious muhurat please write detailed messages, because if we are busy in Puja than not Available to talk over the phone so please  send an E-mail to us. Email will save your time calling back and forth, 
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Pandit OmShukla ShastriJi
 Phone Number (201) 887-2725.  
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The Vedic Purohit (Indian Hindu PriestPandit Ji Available to Perform Hindu Pujas and Wedding ceremony for all traditions North Indian South Indian Punjabi Sindhi Gujarati Maharashtian Sindhi Bengali Nepali ETC
We offer all Vedic puja Services According to your need & requirements based on your traditional Vidhi vidhanam 
Sri satyanarayan Puja Vrat Katha satyanarayana swamy vratham Pooja Archana Vidhanam
2. Navagraha puja and Homam, Grah shanti Puja Nine planets Astrological Horoscope Remedy 
3. baby shower, Godh Bharai, Seemantham and Pregnancy related Pujas Pumsavana Samskara
4. Naming ceremony:- Namkaran Sanskar Puja, Sudhdhi Punyahavachanam 
5.  Griha Pravesh Puja:- House Warming Pooja, Vaastu Shanti Yagya Griha Shanti Vastu Dosha Nivaran Puja house clearing home healing, House Cleansing, Home Blessings, Spirit Release Ghar Shudhi
6.  Wedding Ceremony:- (Shubh Vivah) Marriage Related Pujas & Pre- Wedding Rituals Pooja's Griha Shanti Mandap Muhurat Etc All types of wedding function related Poojas
7.  Nakshtra Shanti-Janma Nakshatra shanti, Moola, Jyesta, aslesha, Gandmool Dosha, Sattaisa Yog Nivaran Pooja, Dosha Shanti, Nakshtra Shanti Homam 
8.  Dosha nivaran puja and Homams : Kaalsarpa, Pitri dosh,  Shanti Pooja Homam/Havan For All Doshas- Sarva Dosha Nivarana Homam/Havan Pariharam Pujas  9All Types of Yagyas:- Havan, Vedic Yagna, Homa, Hawan, Yagnas, all Kinds of Fire Rituals Ceremonies Maha Sudarshan Homam Etc Ganapathy Homam Lakshmi Homa Kuber Homas Chandi Homa
10. Pujas for Health:- Mahamrityunjaya, dhanvantari Pooja, Mantra Japam & Yagyas 
Mahamritunjaya Mantra Jaap Rudra Abhishek Laghu Rudra A Prayer for Physical Healing against various diseases and illnesses sickness recovery injury healing 11.  Poojas For Wealth:- Puja for prosperity :- Mahalakshmi Kuber Pooja & Havan Yagyas Astha Lakshmi Sri Yantra Dhan Varsha Pooja Shri Suktam Homa Kanakdhara Patham 
12. Puja for Starting New Busines : Start-up Pooja Office Puja, Showroom retail Shop Commercial warehouse, Pooja For Finances – Business Prayers – Prayers For Starting A Business In Silicon Valley 
13. Puja for good career growth success, New Job, Promotion, Removal of Obstacles- Success in all Ventures. All types of Business and Career related Sri Ganesh Mahalaxmi Kubera Puja and Homams
14. all types of astrological pujas as horoscope Remedy, Free  Pooja  Suggestion Astrology related Pujas as per your Horoscope remedial puja talk to PanditJi to get complete Vedic Jyotish remedies
15. Birthday Puja:- Aayushya Homam, Janamdin Pooja & Havan, Bhima Radha Shanti (70th Birthday) Shashti (Shastabya) Purti (60th Birthday) Sashtyabtha Poorthy (61st birth day) Vijaya Radha Shanthi Homan Sata Abhishekam ( 80th Birthday ) all types of Birthdays related Pujas & Homam, Wedding Marriage Anniversary Puja
16. Pooja for Ancestors:- shradh Puja: Departed Soul, Hiranya Shradham Tarpan Pind Daan, Atmik Shanti Havan All poojas after Death & Annual or Monthly Shraadham Parvanashraddam & Pindapradanam
17. Sri Ganesh Puja: Ganapati Homam Ganesh Sthapan, Ganesh Chaturthi Ganesh Utsav event Pooja
18. Shiv Puja:- Rudrabhishekam Mahamritunjay Etc all Types of lord Shiva Puja's & Yagyas
19. Durga Puja, Chandi Paath Devi Mahatmya, Navratri 9 Days Pooja Saptshati Patham Havan, Bhagavaty Seva Chandi Homam Durga Lakshmi/Saraswati Homam Sri Vidya Pooja Lalitha Devi Pujan
20. Puja for happy married Life, Puja for Successful Married Life, Puja On Marriage Anniversary Day
21. Astrological Remedial solution for Delayed / Delay In marriage- Vivaha Dosha Nivaran Puja- Mangal Shanti, Manglik Dosha Nivaran, Swayamvara Parvathi Homam Tulsi Vivaha Kalyan utsavam Kumbh Vivah, Vishnu Vivaaha, Nadi Dosha, Nivaran, Guna dosha Shanti Puja, Book a puja for the removal of Vivaha Dosham Pariharam Pooja Quick marriage remedies Based on your horoscope as per Vedic Jyotish Astro
22.  Engagement Puja, Ring Ceremony, Roka Puja, Shagun Puja, all Types of Prewedding & post wedding Puja, Mandap Muhurat Grihashanti Etc  Nischithartham (Engagement Ceremony)
Akshara Abhyasa (Vidya Arambham) Aksharaaabhyasam or Akshara abhyaasam or Vidyaarambham
Annaprashana: Introducing Solid Food to baby Ricepudding Ceremony
Bhoomi Puja (Ground Breaking Ceremony
Chowla Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony) yagnopavit janeu Samskara (rite of passage) 16 sanskar (Sacraments of Life)
Are you looking for Vedic Pandit A Hindu Life-Cycle Celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of spiritual life. We are here to celebrate together, Your Life Events Ceremonies for every moment of Love, Life and Loss – the truly important occasions in life.like blessings a House, Weddings, Naming Ceremonies; Memorial & More 
Vedic rite of passage bind an individual to the path of enlightenment and spiritual community that nurtures the feeling of divine brotherhood. 
So, the holy sacraments of healing act as a moral code of conduct for the society. Vedic Samskar Pooja direct energy to humanitarian causes thereby building a strong character,

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Vedic Purohit PanditJi here to help you select and incorporate a religious Puja ceremony Divine Pooja ritual into your spiritual life celebration event. Whatever the occasion.
Such important events generally include pre birth ceremonies, birth ceremonies, life ceremonies, death ceremonies and even after life ceremonies.
will help you create a personalised Life Cycle Puja ceremony 

All Vedic sacraments are known as samskaras, a collection of the most significant events in the lifecycle, Samskaras are meant for purification, sanctify one’s life and give a spiritual touch to the important events in his life,

Vedic people and their way of life. For many contemporary Indians, religious ritual is simply a part of daily life, we have embraced an ancient Vedic tradition of incorporating symbolic ceremony and ritual into life’s significant events. 

Vedic civilization is the most ancient religious traditions of the world. Ancient people believed in the magical abilities of rituals, Rites of passage are developmental milestones that people everywhere experience.
Tradition is like a tree and ritual is a part of it
Rituals provide a sense of connection, At one time communities gathered together to honour, celebrate or mourn these life events. Rituals motivate and move us.The Intent of Rituals are purification of Mind or Consciousness, It is difficult to imagine Vedic culture without its ritual component. The rituals should imprint the religious principles onto the peoples minds forever, Rituals and traditions help children feel connected to their families and to their past. Ceremonies are an expression of culture,
Through ritual we build families and community, 
Children can feel proud that they know and understand the stories behind the rituals and traditions. Rituals help teach children the things their family values, this can be a wonderful time to introduce or bring back rituals and traditions unique to the celebration, 
We’re most likely to feel moved at life’s dramatic turning-point moments: 
These ceremonies began at the birth of a child, the changing of the season, the betrothal (engagement) of a couple, the marriage of a couple all the rituals provide a direction, a focus for the expression of devotion towards path of enlightenment, These life events have involved an appropriate ceremony or ritual which was followed by a social celebration to mark the special event.For Hindu’s, these sacraments are known as samskaras, a collection of the most significant events in the lifecycle, beginning prior to birth vedic ceremonies helps us to have that sense of belonging most importantly, we create and sustain identity. Gathering together for ceremonial rituals also connects us to our history.
Vedic Worship traditions are important in building strong family relationships between generations rituals always Pass on cultural and religious heritage to next generation 

Samskaras are meant for purification, sanctify one’s life and give a spiritual touch to the important events in his life, from conception to cremation. It is believed that the various Hindu Samskaras eventually lead to a purification of one’s sins, vices, and faults. Samskaras mark the important stages of one’s life. They pave the way for one’s physical and spiritual journey through the life. The Upanishads mention Samskaras as a means to grow and prosper in all four aspects of human pursuit viz.- Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (work and pleasure), and Moksha (salvation)

Vedic Traditions help to bind us together as a family. Make it a point this year to include your children in family traditions that will provide them with a sense of belonging and build memories for their future and Provides a source of identity, but the ultimate meaning is to pass the knowledge which was acquired in the past to the next generations.

Establishing positive family traditions and rituals is an important part of family life. Religion in your life makes you a better parent. Praying with your child improves the bond of trust also remove those karmas which obstruct the spiritual uplifting power of the soul.
Samskaras, or Hindu rites of passage, according to the ancient sage Panini, are the ornaments that decorate one's personality. They mark the important stages of one's life and enable one to live a fulfilling life complete with happiness and contentment. They pave the way for one's physical and spiritual journey through this life. It is believed that the various Hindu samskaras meticulously lead to a purification of one's sins, vices, faults, and even correction of physical deformities. The Upanishads mention samskaras as a means to grow and prosper in all four aspects of human pursuit - Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Karma and Kama (work and pleasure), and Moksha (salvation).

 The worships with the deep concentration and pure thoughts free of violence and harm disperse the accumulated karmas from the soul. These samskaras Ceremonies bind an individual to the community that nurtures the feeling of brotherhood, So, the samskaras act as a moral code of conduct for the society.

Ritualistic Puja helps you to understand that God is always close and accessible. There is quite a lot of psychological research into the impact of ritual and tradition on childhood development 
(Strengthens the family bond.) Research has consistently found that families who engage in ancient traditional Puja Ceremonies, report stronger connection and unity than families that don’t. 

It’s never too late to bring Vedic Dharma into your home. Kids with religious parents are better behaved and adjusted than other children,
Always chant Vedic mantra prayer 
Vedic Worship to be led you on the path of righteousness. If you begin and end your day with vedic Mantra prayers, it will help you reach higher attitudes of living. 
Ritual and tradition are both part of a ancient Vedic culture which any civilised society follow.

What is Puja or Pooja 
Pooja  is a skillful Vedic practice of purification using the power of mantra, the power of concentration, and the power of Veda’s words of truth Puja is known to be changing and evolving prayer which is recited by an individual in accordance to his/her feelings, accomplishments and state of mind Hindu devotee is making a spiritual connection with the divine. 
Pujas are rituals that involve visualization, recitation of mantras and prayers and making offerings to the enlightened beings (Vedic God/Deities).  Pujas are performed to receive the blessings of enlightened beings, accumulate merit and dispel obstacles and negative circumstances. the purpose of pooja is to appeal to Parmatma (the supreme being) for protection, care and welfare of the mankind, while thanking Him for everything he has provided us with. purpose of Puja is to get us out of circumstances, it is believed to be filled with the deity's cosmic energy. It is a focal point for honoring and communicating with the god. 
In traditional Vedic culture, lay people make offerings and request pujas to increase positive circumstances and success in spiritual and worldly affairs as well as to deal with or avert problems that may occur in these areas. The deity are created as receptacles for spiritual energy that allow the devotee to experience direct communication with almighty .
During Puja We need to pray God to give us the grace to sustain, the strength to stand, and the willpower The Puja is a Ritual designed for an individual person to worship Parmatma . The presence of a holy idol provides mental focus. It provides peace and harmony and encourages one to make a Connection with God than God will fulfill all your desires of everyday life. It allows people to have access to Parmatma and what Vedic principles stand for. Vedic puja is essentially a Hindu religious ritual and a form of Prayer . Mentally psychically and spiritually, it is an expression of devotion and a method of worship to direct communion with God.

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